One-on-One Peer Mentorship

(For Licensed Massage Therapists)

Our massage therapy career field is evolving to meet present day client needs. Clients now want personalized massage therapy services relating to their health and wellness lifestyles. The massage therapy industry is striving to satisfy those changes with new modalities, new specialties and new techniques. Today, we need to be a part of those positive solutions and provide enhanced quality and results-oriented massage services to satisfy the emerging client health and wellness demands.1,2 One-on-one peer mentoring is a way forward to meet those challenges. To satisfy those “now and tomorrow” demands, MASSAGE DYANMICS LLC has developed a one-on-one peer mentorship program, a tailored line up of continuing education courses coupled with a one-on-one mentorship curriculum structured to benefit all massage therapists and subsequently, their clients.

About the One-on-One Peer Mentorship

The MASSAGE DYNAMICS LLC one-one-one peer mentorship program is a series of 10 courses; 9 pre-requisite CE courses and the peer mentorship. LMTs wanting to participate in the MASSAGE DYNAMICS LLC peer mentorship will complete the required 9 CE courses, get certified by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) as a massage therapy instructor, then apply for the one-on-one peer mentorship.

Program flow:

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn. Benjamin Franklin

CE Courses Overview

Massage therapy techniques and applications

The central focus of the massage therapy techniques and applications is a systematic approach to pain management, identified as – Pain Assessment, Correction, and Movement (PACM).
  • Full Body Assessments (12 hr)
  • Pain Assessment and Correction for Upper Body (12 hr)
  • Pain Assessment and Correction for Lower Body (12 hr)
  • Pain Assessment and Treatment for Nerve Pain (12 hr)
  • Putting It All Together – Upper Body (12 hr)
  • Putting It All Together – Lower Body (12 hr)
  • Body Mechanics & Personal Care for the Therapist (4 hr)

Business and Marketing

  • Business and Marketing (8 hr)
Business and Marketing addresses sound business practices including branding and advertising and will provide LMT participants a path to detailed business planning with goals of increased clientele, more focused client services and ideally, increased revenue. Also, completion of this course will enhance LMTs independent business practice.

Teaching Adult Learners

  • Teaching Adult Learners (30 hr)
The TEACHING ADULT LEARNERS course satisfies the 30-hour of continuing education required by the TDLR for submission with an application for becoming a Massage Therapy Instructor (MTI). View TAL course details. View details of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations for massage therapy instructor certification.4
  1. View the details for the required CE course offerings
  2. All CE courses are certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) for CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE) credits.3


  • One-on-one Peer Mentorship (30 hr)

It all comes together with the One-on-One Peer Mentorship, a 30-hour academic and practicum curriculum presented by the MASSAGE DYNAMICS LLC sole proprietor, Clinton Merrifield.

  • 18-hours will focus on training and coaching that will help each LMT participant learn how to properly use the PACM techniques and how to teach those and other massage bodywork techniques effectively and with confidence.
  • 12-hours will be a practicum for the LMT mentee assisting in an instructor role presenting a MASSAGE DYNAMCIS LLC CE course under Clinton Merrifield’s supervision and guidance.


Session 1

  • Mentor/Mentee relationship and mission statement
  • Mentorship structure, expectations and setting goals
  • Confidence and effectiveness in teaching CE courses

Session 2

  • Enhanced pain assessment, correction and movement (PACM) techniques
  • Certification, marketing and promotion strategies for CE courses

Session 3

  • Independent teaching start-up
  • MASSAGE DYNAMICS LLC referral program
  • Pre-course preparation for assistance with CE course presentation

Sessions 4 + 5

  • LMT mentees will assist in an instructor role with presenting a formal CE course.


Successful completion of the One-on-One Peer Mentorship program will:
  • Give LMTs a long-term mentor relationship for developing and navigating unique career paths.
  • Help LMTs become massage therapy instructors and certified CE providers.
  • Qualified Massage Therapy Instructors and CE Providers will have selected opportunities to teach classes with Massage Dynamics LLC.
  • Massage Dynamics LLC will sponsor a client referral program (feesharing) with eligible therapists who have completed the mentorship.
  • Train LMTs in the latest massage therapy modalities and application skills.
  • Qualify LMTs in applying PACM techniques.
  • Allow LMTs access to online videos of all mentorship courses (fee-for-service).


Mentorship participation will be a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of four (4) attendees.


Course pre-requisites may be taken in any order prior to LMTs enrolling in the ONE-ON-ONE PEER MENTORSHIP. See courses. Therapists who may have taken one or more of the prerequisite courses and have not continued taking courses within a subsequent two year period are required to retake previous courses at 50% reduced fee.

Location and Date

ALL CE courses and the One-on-One Peer Mentorship will be conducted by MASSAGE DYNAMICS LLC in San Antonio, TX, at the Center for Life, 12915 Jones Maltsberger, #600, San Antonio, TX. Course dates for the pre-requisite CE courses are listed at: Titled Coures Presentation dates for the One-On-One Peer Mentorship will be determined when LMT applicants have completed all pre-requisites and been certified a Massage Therapist Instructor (LMI) by TDLR.


Costs for the individual 9 pre-requisite CE course are posted with each CE course listing. Titled Coures The One-on-One Peer Mentorship 30-hour course is $795.00, payable in advance by credit card (VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER). All essential instructional materials are included.

Cancellation Policy

Should an LMT have to cancel the ONE-ON-ONE PEER MENTORSHIP registration and receive a refund, MASSAGE DYNAMICS LLC must be notified AT LEAST 48-hours in advance of the mentorship start date—no exceptions. Cancellations are made by email to or by phone to (210) 901-0497.

Make-up Policy

Should an LMT not be able to attend every mentorship session, then MASSAGE DYNAMICS and the LMT will agree on what session hours were not completed and the LMT will be offered the opportunity to attend a subsequent One-on-One Peer Mentorship with credit for those session periods previously completed.


By applying for the One-on-One Peer Mentorship, LMTs agree to all terms and conditions regarding the mentorship conduct, make-up policy and cancellation policy.